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Those are all the active TSW addon projects that I’m working on. Some are more actively managed than others since time is a limited ressources, but I do hope I can get them all in a “finished” state in a near future.

Advanced TradePost

Advanced TradePost is a full replacement mod for the TradePost window. It makes both banks more efficient with plenty of feature to help manage them in a much easier way, gives you more market data, filters some automated spam in your mails, …


The first mod I made. Its point is to remove all the click-grindfest from the assembly system in TSW. It will break down your unwanted items into materials, upgrade those materials, restack them when the game fails at doing it correctly, create patterns in a single click for all craftable items (equipment, consumables, lair bosses).
By now the UI is a bit cluttered since it wasn’t initially designed for all those features, but hopefully I’ll be able to get a clean & practical one out at some point.

Eth’s Buff Bars

Buff Bars seem to be a MMO standard by now. You select the buffs/debuffs you need to track, where/how to display them, and can finally focus on the fight rather than try to catch a blinking/moving small buff icon in the middle of dozens of unimportant ones.
That mod is currently being rewritten for the same reasons as ¬†UltimateCrafter (new features that original code wasn’t designed to handle). It’s a slow process, but I’ll get it done some day!

Fixed Gear Manager

In a game like TSW, being able to change a spec very quickly it was matters to make the most use of the great skill system Funcom made. Sadly, the ingame gear manager doesn’t always works as we players would want it to. That addon just intends to provide a working version of it while the game’s one has issues, nothing more, nothing less.

Simple Team Window (beta)

A replacement addon for the team/raid window to make it look more like other MMOs. It will remove state/buff display, use an outline around targeted people rather than always add the defensive target window and display a debuff counter for the New York raid.


A replacement for the game’s Top Bar, that adds some extra menus to quickly access important features: quick loading of your builds, signing up for PvP without having to switch to the “PvP Map” and travelling to anima wells without having to unequip all your gear yourself.


A project currently in Alpha stage (currently only works with TopMenu+ installed – until I write the necessary code when getting it out of that alpha stage) to manage your rolls on loot. No more popup spam on your screen and no more mindless greed click spam on items you’ll just break/vendor anyway!

Next part of that project will be to let you configure items that should be automatically sold when opening a vendor window.

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