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This database is still in alpha stage. The data is (very) incomplete and the display is far from what final version will look like

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Seekrit's TSW Database is a project for a complete database. The goal is to index every item, mission, NPC, monster, ability, lore and achievmentin the game, while including all the extra data that can be extracted in a semi-automated way (market history, drop locations, crafting patterns, ...)

The data extraction is done by an ingame addon that's currently under development and being tested internally. Once its development is finished, it will be publicly availaible for anyone who wants to contribute to the database.
The addon itself will feature database-related features, like let you browse through all the missions/lore you're missing, upload some data about your character if you want to share it (either publicly or on a password-protected page for limited visibility), ...

Some tools around the database are being developped. There is already the Glyph Calculator, that let you plan your glyph setup on your endgame gear. Other ideas in development are lair-related tools make trading easier and a full combat simulator to test different builds very quickly (the current version isn't even 1% of what I'd want the final version to be!)