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Filed under: Misc Secrets — Eth @ 4:49 pm July 28, 2012

Going to use that website for extra information about my UI mods, a few random TSW things and possibly some out-of-game tools for TSW as well.

So don’t mind the “under construction” layout (and content) for a while!

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Addon Updates

Filed under: UI Mods — Tags: , , , — Eth @ 8:12 pm January 26, 2013

Plenty of minors fixes for today. TopMenu+ and FixedGearmanager got updated with last changes to my gear loading code, which should be entirely reliable now. MissionHelper now recognizes raid groups and is able to send fragment request messages in HTML via an ingame script. And SimpleTeamWindow got a few minor fixes for those windows not staying where you want them to!

Download Links

FixedGearManager v1.2.5 @ Curse.com
MissionHelper v0.5.1 @ Curse.com
SimpleTeamWindow v1.0.2 @ Curse.com
TopMenu+ v1.0.1 @ Curse.com


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Recent Addon Updates

Filed under: UI Mods — Eth @ 5:05 pm January 10, 2013

Fixed Gear Manager has been updated to implement the recent changes to character sheet made by Funcom. LootManager also got updated to 0.6b, getting the auto-rolling feature closer to being fully functionnal.

LootManager got some of its category coded in a proper way, which should make it work on DE/FR clients as well (except for Drink/Anima/Ambrosia for now). It also got some new options to disable auto-rolling either everywhere or just in dungeons.
After some recent mistakes by some friends, I also decided to disable auto-rolling in New York raid. I couldn’t test myself if it works, but I’m pretty confident about it.

Download Links

FixedGearManager v1.2.3 @ Curse.com
LootManager v0.6beta @ Curse.com

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Another lair-related mod

Filed under: UI Mods — Eth @ 9:25 pm January 5, 2013

Doing lair missions and coordinating which fragments to choose with your entire team can be a bit tedious. MissionHelper‘s first mission is to help you with that. LootManager also got a quick bug-fixing update that should start making it reliable.

For now, MissionHelper is only replacing the mission reward window and you’ll only notice a difference during lair missions. First it will re-organise fragment display to show the correct pattern (in a 3×3 square). Then it will scan inventory and make the ones you already have semi-transparent (and also display the amount you have in your inventory). And if you right-click a pattern, a menu will open to let you ask a team member to pick it (it will type the person’s name and the fragment name/position/mission it’s from in chat, you just have to press enter then)

LootManager update was mostly about a setting bug and adding a few new categories. The “open bags” option is meant to auto open signet bags, glyph bags and event items like Mayan Remains, but is still somewhat bugged and unreliable at the moment. Leaving that addon in beta status for now, it still needs a bit more work to be come entirely reliable.

Download Links

MissionHelper v0.5 @ Curse.com
LootManager v0.5.1 beta @ Curse.com

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New year, new addon!

Filed under: UI Mods — Eth @ 5:04 pm January 1, 2013

In a continued effort to reduce the MMO-induced click spam, LootManager will manage loot rolls for you. Also, SimpleTeamWindow got an update, getting it close to the end of its beta status.

SimpleTeamWindow update is mostly bug fixes, notably that initialisation issue that forced a /reloadui when starting the game the first time.

LootManager is currently a very early version (the setting window can only be accessed through TopMenu+ at the moment, that was real lazyness while writing the addon quickly) but is still functionnal.
After configuring it, the addon will take care of everything you told it to need/greed/pass on, and never display those loot windows to keep your screen clear. The addon will give some feedback on the number of rolls done for you in FIFO messages.

I’m hoping to get this one in a release-ready state in the next week or two (without the stupid TopMenu+ requirement!), to give time for some testing and eventual debugging. The next big thing for that addon will be to extend it to auto-selling, to clean your inventory of unwanted items without the click spam

Download Links

SimpleTeamWindow @ Curse.com

LootManager @ CurseForge.com 

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Xmas Addon Updates

Filed under: UI Mods — Eth @ 2:40 pm December 29, 2012

SimpleTeamWindow and TopMenu+ got updated today.

SimpleTeamWindow got some needed improvments to allow you to move/scale the team/raid window. It also got its first original feature, by displaying debuff counters in the New York Raid, which should already be more reliable than using the Buff Bars for it.
It’s sadly still remaining in beta status, with some major bugs I couldn’t fix yet (mostly the fact that you need to /reloadui everytime you start the game to initialise it correctly)

TopMenu+ got updated to match the 1.5 improvments. With 100 build slots availaible, a simple list wasn’t enough (and wouldn’t fit on the screen also). So the addon is now organising builds in sub-menus. To make sorting easy (well mostly easy on my side!), the first word (everything before the first space) of each build’s name is used as a category name.
I’m also quite happy with the state of the addon, so will most likely only have very limited updates for it in a near feature, outside of the needed bug fixes.

Download Links

SimpleTeamWindow @ Curse.com

TopMenu+ @ Curse.com

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Addon Updates

Filed under: UI Mods — Eth @ 2:27 pm October 23, 2012

UltimateCrafter and Advanced TradePost got some minor updates today, to 1.3.5 and 0.7.8 respectively.

Both includes some fixes to their lair-related features, at least that lair data is slowly getting close to 100% accuracy. UC also got a minor typo fixed for patterns on the french version.

ATP got 2 bug fixes on settings, for the default market mail settings not being the “do nothing” one and the scaling of personal and cabal bank being totally buggy (I still don’t know how I didn’t even notice it on the previous version, I’d probably blame it on a total lack of testing).

ATP also got a new market feature, to search for all items listed by someone. And since it’s a spy mode, the feature it also well hidden :P You’ll have to search for “_PlayerName” in the item field to active it. I’ll expand that a bit in future versions to have it a bit more accessible in menus (most likely a “See all items from that players” entry in the right click menu)

Download Links

UltimateCrafter @ Curse.com

AdvancedTradePost @ Curse.com
AdvancedTradePost @ SecretUI.com 

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Lairs’ Region Bosses (WIP)

Filed under: Gameplay — Eth @ 10:33 pm September 27, 2012

A quick list about what boss is dropping what fragment, for easier farming of missing pieces. The data isn’t complete so far and the names in bold are the one I’m not 100% sure of.

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